We Believe Every Mother Deserves A Peaceful & Restful Confinement Period

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Cost for Hiring Our Professional Confinement Nanny


SGD2,300 Nett

No GST required. Special rates for twins available.

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Confinement Nanny Singapore

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Having tiring days and sleepless nights even after enduring 9 months of pregnancy along with suffering the pain of giving birth? A postnatal woman deserves a good confinement period with nutritious confinement food to rejuvenate and regain her energy. The confinement period is very crucial to provide her with continuous love for her loved ones. A postnatal woman should never take her confinement period too lightly as it can either benefit or affect her in the long run, so don’t take the risk. However, please do your due diligent research as you will be living with or where wife is being taken care of by a stranger. Find out what the confinement nanny cost covers. Ask people for good confinement lady to recommend. You can base your judgment on websites’ reviews and testimonials or even forums. Often we heard a lot of horror cases where the engaged nanny first day did not turn up or she worked halfway and leave because of her family problems. Due to such circumstances, we would highly recommend your confinement lady to be hired from a reputable confinement nanny agency in Singapore even if you choose not to engage our service to prevent these happening on mummies and let her have the best care possible.


How Confinement Nanny Can Help You?

We believe that experience is crucial when it comes to confinement.
Knowing what to do at the right time and being efficient is our mantra.
Here are some tasks that our confinement nanny will perform.

  • Help out for 28 days from the first day you are discharged
  • Prepare confinement food (3 meals a day) to ensure mother get the nutrients they require for a speedy recovery
  • Prepare confinement herbal bath for mother upon request
  • Prepare Red Dates Longan Tea daily as it is essential during your confinement period
  • Handling the laundry for mother and baby
  • Feeding the baby (for mothers who choose to breastfeed, you can gather some tips from confinement nannies)
  • Showering and taking care of the baby
  • Day & Night baby care to allow the mother to have ample rest
  • Giving sincere advise of proper confinement care
  • Basic home care
  • Grocery Shopping

We Take Care All Your Needs

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Confinement Nanny

Committed to help mummies cope with confinement period stress-free. Responsible, proper hygiene and experience are key traits of a good confinement nanny. Over 30 professionally trained nannies (members) all with a minimum of 5 years of experience.


Islandwide local babysitters near your place. Experienced daytime nanny to help working families look after child at your home or at babysitter’s home. Ad hoc babysitters available to stand-in for short 3-4 hours so parents can attend to any emergency or personal matters.
Confinement Food

Confinement Food

Healthy vegetarian, lacto ovo vegetarian and non vegetarian confinement food catering delivery to your doorstep. Delicious and nutritious 7 to 28 days lunch and dinner confinement package options to help ladies slim down with speedy health recovery.
Prenatal/Postnatal Care

Prenatal/Postnatal Care

Relaxing prenatal/postnatal yoga courses or home massage for mummies. Relieve mind and body from daily stress. Develop baby’s physical, social and emotional growth with our recommended swimming lessons. Specially designed for 4 months old infants.

Why Choose NannySOS?


Reliable & Experience Confinement Nannies

We strongly believe that experience is the most important trait when it comes to a confinement nanny. Majority of our nannies have been through pregnancies and have their own babies. Knowing what to do at the right time and being efficiently will bring you a peace of mind!

Knowledge Transfer

We will provide you, the employer, with sufficient training and continue working to share the confinement knowledge with you. This will enables you to be ready to handle your baby even after you have started on your own without the nanny.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You can request for a change in confinement lady up to 2 times if you are not satisfied her with work. After which, a pro-rated refund option will be provided.

Hassle Free

Hiring a good confinement nanny is just a click away. Our services include assisting you in applying for the confinement nanny’s work permit.

Good Daily Confinement Meals

Our confinement nannies are good cooks as well. Confinement meals can range from delicious dishes to specialty soups.
We strongly encourage you to find yourself a confinement nanny that you can trust, even if she is not from NannySOS.
Thank you Auntie Wendy for your attentive care during my confinement period. Very thoughtful of you, always plan everything ahead for me, making everything to be so smooth and easy. =) Simon & Li Teng

If you are looking for confinement nanny, look for Mei Jie!! Her confinement dishes are so delicious! Simply yummy!!! Thank you for taking care of us. Giving us a lot of security and expert advice. Can’t imagine what we can do without you. 😉 Love from Elvis & Kelly

Referred through friend to NannySOS for confinement nanny services and subsequently engage their daytime nanny to help us babysit Owen while we go to work. Auntie Mary’s hygience is superb! Always following the proper steps in washing and sanitising her hands. Thank you for being so professional and giving us a peace of mind. Joey & Joyce

Iris says she love to play with Sister Dorcas! 🙂 Always been fun and entertaining having you around despite the short 3hr ad hoc babysitting sessions. See you again Dorcas! 🙂 Phillip & Irene