Babysitter Singapore Price for NannySOS Babysitting Services

Babysitter Singapore Price

2020 – 2023

Ad Hoc Babysitting Hourly Rates


Home Babysitting  
- Daytime Babysitter
- (8AM - 6PM)
SGD $25
- Evening / Night Babysitter
- (6PM - Midnight)
SGD $25
- Weekend / Holiday Babysitter
- (8AM - Midnight)
SGD $25
Hotel Babysitting
- (8AM - Midnight)
- Within hotel premises
SGD $25
Outdoor Babysitting
- (8AM - Midnight)
SGD $35
Babysitting Twins
- (8AM - Midnight)
SGD $35
  • Ad Hoc babysitting rates (Singapore)/ part time hourly rates is for taking care of 1 child.
  • Price exclude transport fees which is applicable after 10pm.
  • Minimum 3 hours is required.

Long Term Babysitting Monthly Rates (At Nanny's Place)


Weekdays Daytime Babysitter (10-12 hours Monday to Friday) SGD $800 – SGD $1200
Overnight Babysitter (Monday to Friday) SGD $1200 – SGD $1500


Long Term Babysitting Monthly Rates (At Baby's Place)


Weekdays Daytime Babysitters (10-12 hours Monday to Friday) SGD $2500 – SGD $3950
  • Babysitter Singapore PriceIn general, average pricing for long term babysitting at Chinese nanny's home is $800 (10-12 hours Monday to Friday) monthly. The babysitting service cost of singapore nanny mostly excludes the following:
    • Meals: solid food, milk formula
    • Baby's necessities such as diapers, milk bottles etc. Parents are required to bring the items over to nanny's home.
    • Additional weekends or overnight
    • Any transport fees for fetching children
  • Most nannies will prefer to help parents prepare cooked food for children under their care. They will buy fresh ingredients from the market such as fish for your child's health and growth development. Top up is $50 to $100 if required.
  • It is chinese custom to give a red packet token to the nanny on the first and last day. The amount is up to parent’s own discretion.

Babysitting Job ScopeBabysitter Singapore Babysitting Job Scope

  • Taking care of toddler or baby at least 1 month old. Please specify your child age as some baby sitters do not take care of infants.
  • Child safety and hygiene are the main priorities of the baby sitters and nannies
  • Feed children, take care of their meals
  • Play with children or activities to keep them occupied
  • Fetch children from child care centre, schools or see doctor depending on parent’s requirement. (Additional fees top-up is required if applicable)
  • Activities requested by parents related to child
  • As taking care of your child is a huge responsibility, performing household chores are not the duties of our babysitters. They will only be able to do simple chores associated with baby such as clean, sterilize milk bottles, feeding, bathing baby etc.

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