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Confinement Package After Childbirth
28 Packets of Tonic Soup

28 Packets of Red Date Tea

28 Packets of Herbal Bath

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Chinese Herbal Soup Made Easy with Pre Packed Confinement Herbs

Pre Packed Confinement Herbs SingaporeBring home this confinement herbal package with quality pre packed TCM herbs to replenish and strengthen your body after childbirth. Pre packed confinement herbs eliminate your headaches of what tonic soup to have for each day. With pre packed confinement herbs, less preparation time is required for your daily confinement meals. The amount of herbs required is pre calculated and packed nicely for each day. No herbs wastage that you may buy unnecessarily. No worries on the type and amount of herbs needed for cooking your chinese herbal soup. Step by step easy to follow cooking instructions guide included.

Have an easy, stress free confinement period with a planned confinement soup menu today! With less time spent in preparing your meals means more time to take care of your new born baby and to have more rest. Convenient confinement herbal package for mums and confinement nanny that you may start the day after discharge from hospital.

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Confinement Soup + Herbal Bath + Red Dates Tea

Confinement Herbs Day 1

Tonic Soup Day 1


Enhance recovery and build up stamina due to deficiency of spleen manifested by poor appetite

Confinement Herbs Day 2

Tonic Soup Day 2


Aids expulsion of toxins. Replenish nutrients and recovery of uterus.

Confinement Herbs Day 3

Tonic Soup Day 3


Aids digestive systems, helps improve appetite

Confinement Herbs Day 4

Tonic Soup Day 4


Revitalise energy and builds up a stronger body constitution.

Confinement Herbs Day 5

Tonic Soup Day 5


Detoxify and nourish the kidney and liver. Strengthens muscle & bones, warm the uterus.

Confinement Herbs Day 6

Tonic Soup Day 6


Invigorate the lungs and nourish kidney. Improves mental alertness.

Confinement Herbs Day 7

Tonic Soup Day 7


Supplement the vital energy, tonify qi and enrich the blood.

Confinement Herbs Day 8

Tonic Soup Day 8


Calms the nerves , improves appetite.

Confinement Herbs Day 9

Tonic Soup Day 9


Strengthens body, improves blood circulation.

Confinement Herbs Day 10

Tonic Soup Day 10


Aids digestive system, improves energy.

Confinement Herbs Day 11

Tonic Soup Day 11


Strengthens the kidney and promotes Qi.

Confinement Herbs Day 12

Tonic Soup Day 12


Nourishes blood and regulates menstruation

Confinement Herbs Day 13

Tonic Soup Day 13


Promotes Qi, Improves immune system.

Confinement Herbs Day 14

Tonic Soup Day 14


Replenish Qi and blood.

Confinement Herbs Day 15

Tonic Soup Day 15


Boost digestive system.

Confinement Herbs Day 16

Tonic Soup Day 16


Removes blood clots, aids recovering of the uterus.

Confinement Herbs Day 17

Tonic Soup Day 17


Strengthen the Spleen and calms the body.

Confinement Herbs Day 18

Tonic Soup Day 18


Enhances immune system, strengthen overall health.

Confinement Herbs Day 19

Tonic Soup Day 19


Strengthens the kidneys and enhances the ligaments.

Confinement Herbs Day 20

Tonic Soup Day 20


Boost energy, support immunity.

Confinement Herbs Day 21

Tonic Soup Day 21


Improve vital energy, strengthen overall health.

Confinement Herbs Day 22

Tonic Soup Day 22


Enhances rosy appearance , improves appetite.

Confinement Herbs Day 23

Tonic Soup Day 23


Promote generation of vital essence, nourishing of the lungs.

Confinement Herbs Day 24

Tonic Soup Day 24


Invigorating spleen to promote digestion and moisturizing to the skin.

Confinement Herbs Day 25

Tonic Soup Day 25


Strengthen the bones and muscles.

Confinement Herbs Day 26

Tonic Soup Day 26


Improve blood circulation, build up body strength.

Confinement Herbs Day 27

Tonic Soup Day 27


Improve overall health vitality.

Confinement Herbs Day 28

Tonic Soup Day 28


Nourishing to the blood.

Red Date Tea

Red Dates Tea


  • Xinjiang Red Dates
  • Dried Longan Pulp
  • Wolfberries

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Boil all ingredients with 2 litres of water for 30 minutes.
  2. Drink throughout the day as main liquid intake.

Confinement Herbal Bath

Confinement Herbal Bath

  • Suitable for washing face and shower with warm water.
  • Shower recommended 7 days after birth.
  • 1 packet for 1 day dose.


  1. Bring tea bag to boil.
  2. Use the water for washing face, cleaning of body.
  3. Add water and boil before each use.
  4. Make sure water is warm before use.

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