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Babysitting At Nanny’s Home

Young Babysitter and Girl At Home - Babysittng at Nanny's HomeTrying to balance a job and being a mother babysitting your child all on your own can drive anyone crazy. Caring for young children is a very demanding job, even more demanding than regular employment. You have to be at the beck and call of your child, especially in their infancy. Have you ever feel frustrated, at a loss or even angry with your child when he or she just cannot sit still obediently and finish the meal quickly? Yes we can understand how you feel. We have experienced it too. Motherhood is characterized by sleepless nights and constant worry, particularly with infants. Sometimes, being a mother also means discerning the child’s needs because they can’t articulate them and resort to crying and wailing. What would you do in handling all these situations? Quit your job? Look for infant care or child care options like engaging a home nanny, enrolling child to childcare centre?

Benefits Of Babysitting At Nanny’s Home

The good thing is that once you feel up to returning to work, you can always leave your child with a home nanny for several hours at a time. So long as you trust the nanny, you will have peace of mind when you are engaging in other activities besides looking after your child. There are many benefits that you can get for leaving your child in the hands of a trusted babysitter in Singapore. For one thing, you will have some time left to yourself, when you can rest or engage in an activity you enjoy. When the kids are a bit older, leaving them in the care of other adults teaches them to be independent. It is a lesson best learned early.


Babysitting at nanny’s place is very convenient for the babysitter. They can take better care of your child when at their homes because they tend to feel more comfortable at their own home. When the home nanny is at ease, they will also tend to be more pleasant to the child, and the child will certainly have a lovely time with them.


Depending on your preferences, we have full time babysitters who take care of other children besides your own. It is a healthy development growth for your child if they associate with playmates of similar age. We also have daily babysitters who only take care of one child at one time for parents who prefer sole attention on their child. Flexible options for your decision.


Pickup more childcare knowledge from our experienced day nanny. Leverage on our day care nanny’s time and skills who have many ways of handling many different kids. Allow your child to adapt to different environment and learn more new things. You can take advantage and gain some personal time for yourself as well or to attend to any urgent matters.

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We strongly encourage you to find yourself a home nanny whom you can trust, even if she is not from NannySOS.