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Thank you mummies, daddies for your kind feedback and recommendation reviews for our confinement nannies. We appreciate and value every feedback, confinement nanny review from parents who shared your postpartum journey with NannySOS. It made our day when we learn how our nannies have helped you during your post-pregnancy period. We know you are looking for good recommendations, best services with 5 stars google review and awards for professionalism, quality through social media. We aim to help you in this important milestone where our nannies take good care of your baby, allowing you to have a good rest and recovery. Here are some of our compiled reviews from facebook of NannySOS confinement nanny review or testimonials from many mothers and fathers for your consideration factors to aid you in your search of a good confinement lady in Singapore. If you are considering freelance confinement nanny through friend’s recommendation or agency in Singapore, do search for NannySOS confinement nanny agency review in facebook as well.

Hear what mothers, fathers’ thoughts after engaging our services and nannies. Our services include 24hr stay in nanny, part time, stay out or day time confinement nanny to take care new born baby and mummies. You can also consider some of our confinement nanny recommendation that we have prepared for you. To find out more on our post natal care services and confinement nanny price, please email us at or call 68172479.

What Mummies and Daddies Say About Their Confinement Nanny

Confinement Nanny Review by Apple

A good and responsible confinement nanny does make a difference. Peng Jie was a wonderful nanny whom we love her meticulous care for our baby, my family and myself. Comparing to my previous engagement with another nanny, I definitely recuperate much much better after her help and care during this 2nd post-pregnancy. She will make sure the kitchen is wiped down after every cooking session. She will remind me to rest, drink, sleep and eat well. She cleaned our baby well and soothe him easily with a constant gentle smile on her face. She will always update us on baby’s newest habits, behavior and food intake. Her dishes tasted fabulous despite them looking simple. My hubby and fussy elder child loves her cooking too. No food is ever left behind attested to the fats we all gained. She has earned our trust with her positive dispositions and actions. My hubby and i felt at ease to leave my baby alone at home with Peng Jie. Recommend the engagement of Peng Jie to all mummies. Thanks Justin for appointing Peng Jie to us. Juztin replied to our enquiries promptly and checked in with us when our edd was nearing to make sure our needs are met. Great services from nannysos. The cost of our engagement is not high n no hidden cost, within market rate and all administrative procedures taken care with no worries; we had a great experience with a wonderful nanny and great agent service. Will engage nannysos with Peng Jie again if we have another child again.
– Apple Hui Qin, 23 March 2021

Confinement Nanny Review By Lur May Yee

Thank you Aunty Candy for taking such good care of me and baby (as well as hubby) with your dedication and amazing culinary skills! She is responsible and fulfilled her duties despite some of the extra long and tiring days and nights. She is knowledgeable in the nuances of baby care and supports mum in breastfeeding. Her cooking was so nice that it actually made confinement food enjoyable and my husband joined me for almost all her meals throughout the 40 days!
– Lur May Yee, 14 March 2021

confinement nanny review by song huajing wp

We are very pleased to have Janet as our nanny. She takes good care of our baby. And she is very responsible, proactive and supportive lady who makes sure things are always in order and taken care of. She is a great cook as well, very creative in her recipes. we have a great time during Chinese new year.
– Song Huajing, 3 March 2021

Confinement Nanny Review By Elaine WP

Special thanks to Nannysos for arranging such a wonderful nanny Auntie Lillian. She has allowed me to have a better rest and recovery. She is well versed in baby care knowledge. She taught us umbilical cord care, baby bath and changing diapers. She regularly expose baby to sun ensuring no jaundice. My baby was heaty, they called it ‘atap-che’ and is causing my baby to have interrupted sleep but Lilian taught us how to get rid of it and eventually she is well again. She guided me on breastfeeding and breast care to prevent mastitis. She helps ensure a healthy environment for both mum and baby i.e reminding people to wash their hands or sanitize before carrying baby. Her cooking skills are superb! I love her nutritious confinement meals with a reasonable mixture of meat and vegetables, including desserts. I would highly recommend Auntie Lilian as a nanny as she is trustworthy and reliable, mummy and babies will definitely be in good hands with her around. Thank you Nannysos and Juztin for the arrangement!
– Elaine Tang, 1 March 2021

Confinement nanny review by Hui Min

We are very pleased to have Jecca as our nanny. She is very responsible, proactive and supportive lady who makes sure things are always in order and taken care of. She is a great cook as well, very creative in her recipes. She takes good care of our baby too. She observes baby’s cues and teaches us how and what to look out for. We feel at ease letting her decide what needs to be done. We gained a lot of knowledge from her experience too. We appreciate her stay with us and thanks Confinement Nannysos for making this possible!
– Hui Min, 18 Feb 2021

confinement nanny review by May

Thank you NannySOS for arranging such a wonderful nanny, Peng Jie to take care of me and baby Janice. We will definitely miss the good food that you cooked and baby Janice will miss the wonderful time she spent with you. Do visit us and baby Janice whenever you are free. Thank you once again and take care 😄
– May Lee, 8 Feb 2021

Confinement nanny review by Pris wp

I would like to thank nanny Lee Yiew Lan for taking such great care of me and baby for the past 28 days. She is very friendly, easy going and accommodative to all our requests. She cooks really well and is aware of what a mummy should eat or avoid in each week of confinement. I ate really well and enjoyed all her meals. On top of lunch and dinner, she also cooked Chinese dessert every afternoon. Under her nourishment, I feel that I have regained all my strength post delivery. She also takes great care of baby so that I can rest and recuperate. Nanny is also very patient in teaching me and my husband how to care for the baby such as how to bathe baby; feed baby; the different baby carrying positions; the different positions to burp baby; how to do massage to get rid of wind for baby etc. She also taught us how to cook the dishes. Moreover, Nanny has a lot of initiative and goes beyond her job scope. She helped to clean my household as well as to tidy up and organize my house. Would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants a reliable and trustworthy confinement nanny!
– Pris Ng, 4 Feb 2021
I’d like to express my extreme gratitude to Auntie Ko Khing hua, she is very kind and experienced with great responsibility and patience to take care my wife and baby. She’s cooking art is strongly recommended which makes every family member get happiness feeling from her food. She helped to wash baby clothes even family members. We feel very lucky to be with Khing hua for 28 days, we even want to extend 1 month but she has no vacancy. Thanks nanny we will miss her. I also want to say thanks to Juztin, he is professional and efficient to introduce Khing hua to us. Very good experience with him.
– Li Ning, 28 Jan 2021
As I only started sourcing for a confinement nanny towards my 3rd trimester, many agencies were fully booked and didn’t even want to put me on waiting list. Unlike other top agencies who are slower to response, Juztin from Nannysos was prompt in responding, usually within the day, and provided assurance in getting a nanny despite the uncertainties and restrictions during this covid period. Nanny Fong, who had a good attitude, was assigned to me. She was also accommodating to our requests and was attentive towards baby. I also engaged a masseuse, Soon Fong, through Nannysos. The massage was very relaxing and I always had a good sleep thereafter.
Overall, had a great experience with Nannysos, which made my confinement period a breeze.
– Tee Ai Fang, 24 Jan 2021

confinement nanny review by Grace Chin

I’d like to leave a review for Auntie May. Being a very experienced confinement nanny, she has been a great help to us throughout my confinement period. Her tips on newborn care has been useful for us and we love the food that she prepared for us. Thank you Auntie May!
– Grace Chin, 22 Jan 2021

Confinement Nanny Review By Jaslin

Thank you to Auntie Mei Ying for sharing her vast experience and helping to take good care of myself and my girl. Her skills go beyond caring for the baby and good culinary skills, she even helped to wash and blow dry my hair, making chicken essence for me from scratch. Thank you for taking care of of me and my family! ☺️
– Jaslin Yip, 22 Jan 2021

Confinement Nanny Review By Jason Goh wp

Hi Justin, just wanna say thank you for the arrangement for auntie candy, Auntie candy is really good in what she’s doing from cooking to taking care of baby and lastly my wife well being, bonded really well with my whole family, we treated her like our own, quite sad to see her go, time flies. I will strongly reccomend nanny sos to everyone. Thank you once again Justin
– Jason Goh 21 Jan 2021

Confinement Lady Review By Joelia WP

NannySOS assigned an experienced confinement nanny, Angel, to us as we requested. She took good care of our newborn and cooked nutritious dishes for a speedy postpartum recovery. As our newborn was on breast milk, Angel ensured that the baby was fed every 2-3 hours at night. She also helped organise and tidy the kitchen to store all the confinement ingredients and herbs, as well as kept our house neat and clean. Angel is a wealth of knowledge including on foods to eat and to avoid in the first few weeks to ensure a proper recovery as well as important tips on caring for a newborn. Kudos to NannySOS who keep a good roster of experienced, quality nannies.
– Joelia You, 4 Jan 2021
Confinement Nanny Review By Bishan WP

It was my first time engaging NannySOS and it was a very pleasant and smooth experience with Juztin, who was very prompt and helpful. Our nanny, Xiao Ling, is very experienced, kind and easy going. She takes care of the baby well and is meticulous in recording the baby’s daily activities. In addition, she is a very good cook and provides awesome soups & well-balanced meals for us. Thank you for being a great help!

– Zhang Bishan, 1 Jan 2021

confinement nanny recommendation by Adeline WP

Thankful and grateful to have aunty Ah You with us. She took care of almost everything during her stay w us. She cooked yummy dishes for me daily and took good care of my baby. She did not just taught us the basic but went the extra mile on imparting her other knowledge to us, as first time parents that so important to us. We are very grateful to have her around. The love she given to our family is much appreciated. Thank you once again,aunty Ah You.

– Adeline Low, 29 Dec 2020

Confinement Nanny Testimonial By Julie WP

Want to thank Juztin for making the administrative process of hiring a nanny so smooth , helping me find a nanny when baby came out 3 weeks early, and even one that got along well with my precious dog. Our nanny aunty Lillian was our life saver being first time parents, we are so sad to have her go. She has helped us grow our small baby into a double chinned healthy boy. She is meticulous, always ensuring meals are ready, pump parts and bottles are cleaned and ready for use. She taught me that patience is really key in handling my baby. She is also caring and respectful to me. Really hope to see her again, especially if we have number 2!
– Julie Xie, 16 Dec 2020

confinement nanny review by Wendy WP

Just wanted to offer our thanks and appreciation to our nanny Mi Ling who was dutiful in taking care of both baby and me. Apart from daily nutritious meals, Mi Ling was also resourceful in finding ingredients around my house (like bird’s nest and abalone) to make delicious meals too. She also made sure I had sufficient rest and time to recuperate, even though we could see she was tired on some days. She also let my baby nap with her in the afternoon so I could rest. Thanks again Mi Ling. Thanks also Juztin for your prompt replies each time I had queries.
– Wendy Teo, 11 Dec 2020

Confinement nanny review recommendation by Kathleen WP

We are very thankful to have Jecca with us during the confinement period she has been a good help, a good mentor and definitely a good friend! Jecca is very detail oriented and tends to attend to every single details with care. She is always willing to share all her experiences with us and these helps us a lot. Jecca is very professional and takes the responsibilities of taking care the baby and myself very seriously. She always strive to deliver the best in whatever she do. We will definitely recommend her as the number 1 choice nanny!
– Kathleen Peh, 8 Dec 2020
Very thankful for nanny Sow Chan’s help during my confinement as a first time mum. She took very good care of me and my baby, cooking a variety of nutritious and delicious meals as well as nourishing desserts for me, and looking after my baby attentively both day and night. She is very experienced and generously shared her knowledge with me and guided me patiently on baby care. She also went the extra mile beyond her duties by cleaning the stovetop and kitchen countertop everyday, and mopping the floor every few days though we did not ask her to do so. Thank you auntie for being such a great help and teaching me so much 🙂
– En En, 27 Jan 2021