Confinement Food Catering Singapore

Nutritious Confinement Lunch and Dinner for 7, 14, 20 or 28 Days

Confinement Food Trial Price at $32

Confinement Food Package

Confinement Food Catering Singapore

Nutritious Confinement Lunch and Dinner for 7, 14, 20 or 28 Days

Confinement Food Trial Price at $32

Confinement Food Package

Confinement Meal Delivery Service

confinement food catering singapore food menu with meal delivery service

Confinement meals are designed to recondition mother’s body. Consuming the right type or the best confinement food is as important as hiring the best confinement nanny for your confinement after childbirth. New mothers are weakened due to sharing of nutrition with the baby during pregnancy and loss of blood during childbirth. Our body requires the right type of food to digest, revitalise health and absorb the necessary nutrients from your daily meals for repair and recovery process. TCM or recommended traditional confinement food aimed to balance our body, improve blood circulation, dispel wind, detox and cleanse the toxins from our body. Aside from eating right, some mothers may experience breast milk supply problem. Besides nursing regularly to stimulate breast milk production, there are food and nourishing soups that can help mothers to promote breast milk supply as well.

What Type of Food is Beneficial During Confinement?

Mothers are advised to consume food that is beneficial to strengthen joints, support healthy lactation and avoid eating cooling food excessively during her confinement. Please be cautious of advices that are traditional confinement myths. For most families in Singapore, confinement food catering or ordering confinement tingkat will be the next best option if additional help from confinement nanny is not required. Keeping a well balanced diet with nutritious confinement meal delivery service to your home is absolutely necessary.

A healthy balanced meal consists of:

  • 2 portions of vegetables
  • 1 portion of protein
  • 1 portion of non-meat protein
  • 1 portion of carbohydrate

How to Find Good Recommendation for Your Meal?

With a new member in your family, the new life will add a new dimension in your lives. There will be a lot of new tasks for you to do such as sourcing for chinese confinement food menu, checking confinement food review and making plans for the coming months. You will be able to find a lot of good recommendation. Research online for more confinement food review, paying attention to health benefit. Some of the reviews will also provide chinese confinement food recipes for breastfeeding. However, always consult doctors or experts for advice as your body may be sensitive to certain confinement herbs. Choose a confinement food menu with a list of confinement food that is high in protein, as with any effective diet to rebuild your strength and vitality in your antenatal period. You can go for the food trial or select confinement meal package options for 7, 14, 20, 28 days.

Rest Well During Confinement.

REST is also what you need most in this post-natal period. Once you have a new baby to take care, the time always seems to revolve solely around feeding, bathing and changing nappy of your baby. You might even hope that there can be a few extra hours each day, but no matter how quickly the time pass, you need to find the time to look after yourself in this post natal period. As a new mother, you need to keep as fit and healthy as possible. Without a confinement nanny, you will need to cope with night feeds and having less sleep than you normally would because a newborn baby can be very demanding. Don’t feel guilty about taking a rest during daytime. Adequate rest will benefit both you and your family in the long run. This moment of your life will be one of the happiest to look back on. Taking good care of your health is very well worth the effort in future.

Confinement Food Package Price

Confinement Package Traditional Confinement Revitalise Confinement
28 Days Lunch and Dinner S$1380.00 S$2200.00
28 Days Lunch Or Dinner S$777.00 S$1188.00
20 Days Lunch and Dinner S$1080.00 S$1580.00
20 Days Lunch Or Dinner S$530.00 S$1080.00
14 Days Lunch and Dinner S$750.00 S$1100.00
14 Days Lunch Or Dinner S$379.00 S$600.00
7 Days Lunch and Dinner S$379.00 S$600.00
Trial Meal S$32.00 S$32.00

* Confinement food package price inclusive of delivery fees and Red Date Tea for both Lunch and Dinner.

* Balance payment is payable on the first day of delivery. We reserved the right to terminate the order if payment is not made by the 3rd day of service.

* 1 Flask and 3 Thermo Tub will be loaned everyday for exchange. Please ensure the cleanliness of the thermo tub and flask after use. Customer is responsible for the cleanliness, lost and damage of the loaned food thermo tub and flask (S$25 each).

* Microwaveable container will be used on the last day.

Confinement Food Menu for Trial 

Trial A : Braised Chicken Mushroom, Minced Pork with French Bean and Double Boiled Yellow Bean with Pork Trotters Soup
Trial B : Pig Trotters with Vinegar, Black Chicken Soup with Ginseng, Stir Fried Lotus Root With Meat

The above menu is chosen for trial is because looking at the confinement food recipes, most of other chinese food menu for confinement contain either too much ginger or too much wine. These ingredients might be too “hot” for your body at this moment. The taste of this current food menu as your trial set might varies each time as our taste buds will change during pregnancy. We do not use SALT or MSG! Only sesame oil is used.

Important Note For Natural Birth Mothers

Confinement Herbs Commonly Used In Confinement Food RecipesConfinement food for natural birth mothers has to be nutritious and light. You may also have read that food calorie is an important factor for ladies who wish to slim down and stay healthy at the same time from confinement food review. Research more on the confinement food recipes for nutrition benefits. Here are 7 important tips for confinement meals.

  1. A Balance Diet
  2. Freshness of ingredients
  3. Light but Nutritious
  4. Fully Cooked
  5. Smaller Portions But More Meals (少量多餐)
  6. Better to be Pulpy (Easier Digestion)
  7. No Fried Food, No Chemical, Less Salt

Confinement soup can replenish the body’s fluid very effectively and is also helpful in producing breast milk. However, only certain soups are helpful to ladies with certain body constitution. Not able to find any good soup recipes for delivery after childbirth? Find out which soup is more suitable for you:

  • Ladies with cold body constitution: mutton soup and ginger wine to help with blood circulation.
  • Ladies with warm body constitution: vegetable soup with less oil and salt.
  • Ladies with weak body constitution: old hen soup and pig trotter soup. If you are having anemia, chicken soup (乌鸡汤)

Important Note For Cesarean Birth

Confinement Food After C-SectionAs mothers with cesarean birth consume more energy and qi than natural birth, they will need at least 6 months confinement period for better care. Therefore, cesarean birth mothers should understand their body constitution before confinement. After the first month, they should continue to watch their diet for future pregnancies.

Important Note For Vegetarian Mothers

Vegetarian Confinement Food SingaporeMothers should consume more red carrots, lotus roots, mushrooms, lotus, tofu, soybeans, black beans, peanuts, pine nuts, cashew nuts and chestnuts along with a mixture of 5 different colours of vegetables for daily meals. It will help with the intake of vegetable protein, vitamins, calcium and iron.

By consuming the right Chinese medical herb, it can help with blood stasis, uterine contractions. At the same time, it also builds up strength.


My favourite confinement dish is Pig Trotters with Vinegar! I do not mind having it everyday! So yummy!

Natalie Tan

Jurong, SG

Thank you for your amazing service. To have my confinement meals delivered to my doorstep makes it convenient and ensuring i have a balanced diet everyday.


Pasir Ris, SG

No regret ordering your confinement meals. They are reasonably priced, not too oily and delicious. Thank you!

Elaine Yong

Woodlands, SG

I really enjoy the double boiled chicken soup a lot. My favourite confinement meal! The taste was well balanced with chinese herbs and tonics. The chicken meat was so springy. Thank you!


Sengkang, SG

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the confinement meals comes with drink?

Yes. All confinement meals packages are served with complimentary Rice or Brown Rice together with Red Date Tea for both Lunch and Dinner.


How many days do I have to book in advance ?

Please book at least 4 working days in advance for your confinement meal. However, tailored-made menu for Revitalise Menu packages are recommended to send to us at least 2 weeks of arrival.


Can I cancel my confinement food orders?

Yes you can cancel your confinement food orders without fulfilling all the sessions. Each consumed confinement meal will be charged at $30 with additional $50 administrative fees.


Do I need to notify in advance for cancellation?

Please inform us at least one day in advance before 3pm. All cancelled meals will be replaced. There will be no refund in cash.


When is the confinement meal delivery time for lunch and dinner?

Lunch delivery time is from 10am to 1pm. Dinner delivery time is from 4pm to 7pm.


Do I have to pay any delivery fees?

All packages price are inclusive of delivery fees to your home.


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