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Massage Your Tensions Away At The Comfort Of Your Home After ChildBirth

Recommended Post Natal Massage Home Service for New Mothers with Slimming Benefits.

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Masseur Rest days: Sundays, public holidays.

Post Natal Massage Packages

Effective Result After Post Natal Massage 8th Session.

Post Natal Massage With Bengkung Wrap Binding Package
Post Natal Massage With Bengkung Wrap Binding Package

Effective Result After 8th Post Natal Session

Post Natal Massage With Bengkung Wrap Binding Package 3
Post Natal Massage With Bengkung Wrap Binding Package 5
Post Natal Massage With Bengkung Wrap Binding Package 6
Post Natal Massage With Bengkung Wrap Binding Package 1

Post Natal Massage Home Service For Every Mother Who Deserves A Good Pamper

Post Natal Massage SingaporePost natal massage home service is a tailored postnatal care for mother to adjust and recover from childbirth after delivery. Traditional massage treatment such as Javanese or Jamu post natal massage is heralded by many new mothers for its pain relieving, stress reduction and health benefits. However, to pamper mothers even further, mothers can enjoy a fusion of Jamu and Chinese massage. Instead of using traditional herbs, we replace it with ginger oil and creams due to the smell. Our masseur focus on body’s meridian and hand techniques to enhance mother’s experience during the massage session. It is followed by binding after the session.

Regular massage sessions during postpartum period not only assists mother cope with physical and mental stress but also provide body care slimming benefits. We understand the woes of new mothers during pregnancy as well as other complications related to giving birth such as postnatal depression and the desire to get back to prenatal shape.

Unarguably, a newborn baby brings untold joy to the mother and family. However, the nine month prenatal period may have profound effects on mother’s overall health especially after normal delivery, cesarean or C-section. This is because the mother’s body undergoes tremendous changes as it readjusts and adapts to carrying the child in the womb up until the point of its delivery. Thus, as the mother recuperates from child birth, her body undergoes a period of “stress”, or trauma, as it tries to readjust back to normalcy. You may want to consult professional help on the importance of postnatal care at spa centre or certified massage therapist on their most recommended post natal massage package deals. Every mother deserves to be pampered with a good postnatal home massage, agree?

Who Needs Post Natal Massage

Physical and mental stress during postnatal period are often experienced and causes a lot of strains on mothers. You are not alone if you have these woes. Similar to pre natal or pregnancy massage, attentive postnatal care and correct massage techniques are necessary to help new mothers adjust to motherhood. It is important to dispel the wind in the tummy during postpartum as it can lead to mothers having bloated stomach permanently if not treated properly.

Mothers who experienced these common manifestations of complications may want to consider post natal massage as treatment:

  • Back pain
  • Cramps
  • Spasms
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Permanent bloating of tummy or stomach flabs
  • Muscle tension as a result of immense muscle strain during birth
  • Inevitable weight gain
  • Stretch marks
  • Insomnia

Post Natal Massage Price

Post Natal Massage (Home)
1 Session $168
5 Sessions $750
7 Sessions $900
10 Sessions $1200
15 Sessions $1769
20 Sessions $2188
Duration: Approximately 90 mins including cloth binding and customer’s body condition.

* Quoted rates includes transport cost (Singapore Mainland) and essential items such as post natal massage oil, cloth binder.
* Additional surcharge applicable for postnatal massage service at Sentosa Island.
* Please prepare mattress and 2 big towels. Otherwise $30 is applicable if you require us to prepare towels.
* Non-refundable $300 deposit or full payment is required to confirm the service. Balance is payable before first day of service via bank transfer.
* Prices subject to change without prior notice.
* Minimum 8 sessions are recommended for effective slimming result.
*There will be no massage sessions during CNY rest days for our masseurs.

When to start post natal massage?

  • Normal Delivery : 5 days after childbirth.
  • C-section Delivery : 3 weeks to 1 month after childbirth with advice from your gynae.
  • Premature Delivery : Same as normal delivery or C-section.
  • As each session takes about 90 mins, do ensure someone in your family or the confinement nanny is able to look after your newborn baby during the therapy time.

Useful Tips

  • Bathe before every postnatal home massage session.
  • For faster recovery of pre-pregnancy figure, use a girdle after the wrap is removed.
  • Buy the girdle 1 size smaller so that the girdle will not be too loose when you have lost weight.
Post Natal Massage With Bengkung Wrap Binding Package
Post Natal Massage With Bengkung Wrap Binding Package 1
Post Natal Massage With Bengkung Wrap Binding Package 2
Post Natal Massage With Bengkung Wrap Binding Package 3
Post Natal Massage With Bengkung Wrap Binding Package 4
Post Natal Massage With Bengkung Wrap Binding Package 5
Post Natal Massage With Bengkung Wrap Binding Package 6

Post Natal Massage Home Service


Enjoy the best post natal massage in Singapore and get back in shape at the comfort of your own home. Instead of malay post natal massage or Jamu massage, how about fusion of Jamu with Chinese massage? We focus on our body’s meridian, hand techniques and binding which is one of the most popular post natal massage techniques in tightening stomach muscles with a wrap. No herbs is used due to the smell which we replace with ginger oil and cream. The postnatal Jamu massage involves a binding at the end of the massage session for effective slimming effects. A long strip of cloth or cloth binder will be used to go around the tummy tightly. This traditional postpartum belly binding technique is also commonly known as Bengkung wrap which can help mum to attain the perfect body shape similar to that which they had prior to giving birth.

Safe and Convenient.

Save the hassles and traveling time as our certified massage therapists will come over to your home during your confinement period. New mothers who have been through normal delivery can indulge yourself in post-natal massage therapy 5 days after childbirth. Mothers who have had caesarean or C-section are advised to wait until your wound is healed with your gynae’s approval before beginning the massage treatment.

Post Natal Massage Benefits

Massage encourages the body to relax and release endorphins, which is our natural pain killers. Similar to prenatal massage therapy during pregnancy, a relaxing post natal massage helps to provide psychological, emotional and physical relaxation. Instead of traditional javanese massage or jamu massage, our healing practice combines Jamu with beneficial Chinese massage techniques focusing on the meridians, binding and activities to meet the individual requirement of the patient. Ginger oil and cream is used to replace the traditional herbs due to the smell.

The post-natal massage therapy is merited with pain relief, skin exfoliation and mothers can enjoy the slimming benefits with boreh wrap or ginger wrap. In light of these facts, mothers are encouraged to consider the treatment for its abundant post natal massage benefits:

  1. Alleviate neck, shoulder, back pain and sore spots.
  2. Relax muscle tension.
  3. Reduces physical and mental stress.
  4. Cleared ducts with improved breast feeding.
  5. Lymphatic drainage.
  6. Flush out “dirty” blood.
  7. Improve blood circulation.
  8. Improve hormone regulation and postnatal depression.
  9. Reduce swelling and aids tummy recovery.
  10. Better sleeping habits.
  11. Helps to shrink and push uterus back to its original size.
  12. Improve headaches and migraine conditions.
Post-Natal Massage Therapist Massaging The Neck
Post Natal Massage Therapist Massaging Hands

Frequently Asked Questions

Post Natal Massage After Pregnancy

Are your masseurs certified and in case the masseur is not suitable, is there additional cost if we request for a replacement?

Yes. Our masseurs are experienced, WSQ certified and professionally well trained to take care of your well being. Yes you can request for replacement. There is no additional cost.


I have decided for caesarian delivery. How soon or when is the best time to start my post natal massage sessions?

Please seek your gynecologists’ approval as it is not desirable to aggravate the wound. As a guide for post natal massage after cesarean, you can start from 3 weeks to 1 month depending on your wound and gynecologists’ advice.


Can I have female massage therapist for my sessions and where does the massage take place? At home or outside?

Yes. All our massage therapists for prenatal and post-natal massage sessions are female. All our prenatal and post natal massage will be at the comfort of your home. Please provide bed and 2 large towels for your personal hygiene.


Do I have to prepare anything?

You have to prepare mattress, 2 large towels for your massage sessions.


Is there a time limit for the post natal massage packages?

We would advise to start your sessions asap to help you ease and relax better during your confinement.


When can i start my first massage session? Which day during the confinement period?

It depends on your delivery status. You can start 5 days after childbirth if normal delivery. Otherwise it is normally 3 weeks to 1 month after childbirth with advice from your gynae if you going for C-section delivery. Advice and approval from your gynae is required. If early or premature delivery, the start time depends if it is c-sect or normal delivery.


What is the frequency of each session?

In order to achieve the maximum effectiveness, we would recommend each massage session to be scheduled daily, in consecutive days.


Can any unused sessions be refunded?

Apologies, no refund. You can convert remaining sessions to our Women Care Programme instead.

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Lost 4 inches after my 5 sessions! How I wish I have taken this massage for my first pregnancy too!

Sharon Tan

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From friend’s recommendation. She says the massage therapist very good so i sign up. I’m glad i did! So relax and rejuvenating after every session! Thank you!

Carol Tan

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Yes i enjoy every session! Thank you very much! Very convenient for me to have post natal massage done at home so I no need to rush back home every time.


Woodlands, SG

Very convenient service! Instead of going to usual spa in future, i will engage your service again for my massage. Thank you!

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