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Confinement Food Recipes for meal

Confinement Food Recipes for Breastfeeding, Cesarea or Natural Childbirth

Confinement food recipes of soups, drinks and dishes for mummies and daddies who enjoy cooking, not looking for any confinement food catering or have no additional help during the postpartum period. There are confinement food recipes for breastfeeding as well to help mothers to increase breast milk supply. Getting back to shape after childbirth could be your main objective but having nutritious confinement food and staying healthy should be your utmost priority for natural childbirth, cesarean or after miscarriage. Chinese herbs such as red dates are known for its high nutritional benefits and is commonly used as ingredient in confinement soup and red dates tea. Eating right and having a well balanced confinement meals not only promote reproductive system recovery but also to help mothers improve Qi and blood deficiencies, restore endocrine functions and loosen muscle tension. A good well balanced meal consists of 2 portions of vegetables, 1 portion of protein, 1 portion of non-meat protein and 1 portion of carbohydrate.

Things To Note During Confinement By Yourself.

If your intention is not to engage a confinement nanny or helper to prepare your confinement meals, a proper planning on your daily menu, grocery shopping and activities in advance would then be necessary in order for you to have a stress free confinement. Get yourself well prepared with all the essential items such as marinade, kitchen gadgets etc. As new mothers tend to have a weaker immune system, it is very important to keep your vegetables and meat fresh. Try to go to the market as regularly as possible in order for mummies to have fresh food. Enjoy a fun and healthy confinement period with the confinement food recipes! Have fun cooking!

Week 1

The main objective for first week of confinement is to keep mother’s body warm, dispel wind, replenish, nourish blood, heal wounds, avoid blood clots, promote shrinking activating blood to eliminate stasis of uterus and discharge lochia. However, if there is any irregular bleeding, diarrhoea, stomach pain, fever inflammation and flu, please stop consuming the soup and consult your doctor for advice before continuing your meal.

Sheng Hua Tang Herbal Soup

Sheng Hua Tang

Chinese herbal soup formula designed for mothers after natural childbirth to aid uterus recovery and clearing blood stasis.

Tian Qi Soup Confinement Food

Tian Qi Soup

Recipe known for effective blood cleansing, blood stasis clearing and improvement of blood circulation. Good for skin, invigorate mind and body.

Dang Gui Nourishing Soup

Dang Gui Nourishing Soup

Recipe to help tonify blood, clear blood stasis and speed up recovery from natural childbirth.

Sheng Hua Tang C-Section Confinement Food

Improved formula recipe for mothers who have cesarean delivery. Good for healing wounds and has function of expelling gas after childbirth.


Motherwort Herbal Soup Confinement Food

Motherwort Herbal Soup

Recipe has blood circulation benefits, clear blood stasis, treating prolonged lochia for natural childbirth.

confinement food uterus healing herbal soup

Uterus Healing Herbal Soup

Recipe for cesarean section to help improve blood circulation for uterus healing.

Four herb soup confinement food

Four Herbs Soup

Recipe for natural childbirth that helps to tonify blood and clear blood stasis.

pig's kidney and pork with dom benedictine

Pig’s Kidney and Pork with Dom Benedictine

Recipe for regaining energy, improve blood circulation, strengthen body function, fight fatigue, nourish kidney and body.

Week 2

confinement Soup Hawthorn and Red Dates Soup

Hawthorn and Red Dates Soup

Soup recipe for week 2 to tonify blood, clear blood stasis and meridians.

8 treasure herbal soup for confinement

Eight Treasure Herbal Soup

Main function is to help tonify blood and qi.

Dan Qi Soup

Dan Qi Soup

Nutritious soup to improve blood circulation and tonify Qi.

chicken herbal soup (confinement food)

Chicken Herbal Soup

Chinese herbal soup for blood circulation and strengthening meridians.

Confinement Drinks

Nutritional and essential confinement drinks recipe.

Red Date Tea

Red Dates Tea Recipe

DIY recipe for mums who are not engaging confinement nanny. A must have recommended TCM confinement drink for your confinement food menu.


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