Baby Swimming Lessons Singapore

Baby Swimming Lessons Singapore for New Born

What sort of lessons or activities would be most suitable for a new born baby? When your infant is about 4 months old, you can consider enrolling him/her into a specially tailored swimming lessons just for babies.

It is understandable that parents are protective of their newborn baby. Hence, they will be worried for the safety of their child, especially in the water at such a young age. However, this is often a misconception. Infants are naturally pretty good in the water as they already have experience being in their mother’s womb for 9 months. Therefore, for an infant to discover the freedom of buoyancy and underwater swimming, it is not much of a safety issue at all. It is also not in any way a tedious or challenging task.


  • Excellent way to physical, social & emotional development.
  • Improve heart and lung function.
  • Precious bonding session with parents.
  • Better oral expression, literacy, numeracy & mathematical reasoning compared to normal population

It is natural for all parents to want the best for their child. So, why not invest in them from a tender age? Eventually when they grow older, they would also have an easier time picking up swimming. Furthermore, it would be good to get them started on a healthy lifestyle from young.

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