Chicken Herbal Soup

Benefits and Functions.

Chicken herbal soup is a chinese herbal soup which you would not want to miss during your second week of your postnatal confinement. Chicken herbal soup is good for blood circulation and strengthening meridians that you want to include as your confinement food. You can do an appropriate amount of exercise which will help circulation of blood better and activate meridians.

chicken herbal soup (confinement food)

Ingredients Herbs

  1. 20g Ji Xue Teng (鸡血藤)
  2. 9g Dan Shen  (丹参)
  3. 5g Qin Jiao (秦艽)
  4. 3g Gui Zhi (桂枝)
  5. 2 pieces Candled Dates (蜜枣)
  6. 300g Black Chicken (乌鸡)
  7. 3 slices Ginger (生姜)


  1. Wash chicken
  2. Place chicken in a pot.
  3. Add 1 litre water and bring pot to boil.
  4. Remove scum.
  5. Add in herbs.
  6. Simmer over chicken till tender.

Chicken Herbal Soup Recipe for confinement