Sheng Hua Tang for C Section

Benefits and Functions.

Sheng Hua Tang for C Section (生化汤) is a improved formula recipe for mothers who have cesarean delivery. The improved recipe has additional herbs such as tai zi shen, yi mu cao, zhi qiao and should be listed on your confinement food menu for your first week of confinement. The improved soup recipe is good for healing wounds and has a function of expelling gas after childbirth. Mothers who have went for C Section should consume confinement food that is light and easy digest. Confinement food for improving milk supply should be taken only at later stage.

Sheng Hua Tang C-Section Confinement Food


  1. 10g Dang Gui (Chinese Angelica, 当归)
  2. 20g Yi Mu Cao (益母草)
  3. 10g Guang Tao Ren (Semen Persicae, 光桃仁)
  4. 10g Cao Hong Hua (Carthamus Tinctorius, 草红花)
  5. 6g Zhi Gan Cao (Roasted Licorice Root, 炙甘草)
  6. 10g Zhi Qiao (枳壳)
  7. 10g Chuan Xiong (Lovage Root, 川芎)
  8. 15g Tai Zi Shen (太子参)


  1. Wash herbs, soak in 1000ml water for 30 min.
  2. Boil herbs with soaked water until 200ml is left and leave for later use.
  3. Pour in another 1000ml water to herbs, boil for second time until 200ml is left.
  4. Mix the two bowls of 200ml herbal soup together. To be consumed in morning and night.

*For mummies with gastric problems, please be advised to drink the Sheng Hua Tang soup after food.

Sheng Hua Tang C-Section Recipe