Uterus Healing Herbal Soup

Benefits and Functions.

Uterus Healing Herbal Soup (宫愈汤) is a Chinese herbal soup designed for mothers who gave birth by cesarean section. The function of the confinement food is to improve blood circulation for uterus healing. Besides drinking Uterus Healing Herbal Soup, another way to shrink uterus is by breastfeeding.

confinement food uterus healing herbal soup

Ingredients Herbs

  1. 15g Yi Mu Cao (益母草)
  2. 5g Fried Pu Huang (炒蒲黄)
  3. 15g Huang Qi (黄芪)
  4. 3g Zhi Qiao (枳壳)
  5. 5g Wu Ling Zhi (五灵脂)
  6. 10g Dan Shen (丹参)


  1. Wash herbs, soak in 1000ml water for 30min.
  2. Boil herbs with soaked water until 200ml left and leave for later use.
  3. Pour another 1000ml water in herbs to boil for 2nd time until 200ml is left.
  4. Mix 2 bowls of 200ml Uterus Healing Herbal Soup together.
  5. Consumed Uterus Healing Herbal Soup during morning and night time.

*For mummies with gastric problems, please be advised to drink the Uterus Healing Herbal Soup after food.

Confinement Food Recipe-Uterus Healing Herbal Soup