post natal massage after c sectionThe importance of post natal massage after C Section cannot be overstated. However, any post natal reconditioning activities such as massage after C Section should be delayed until full recovery as caesarian delivery is a major abdominal surgery. Although post natal massage can help with the recovery from birth but it takes about 4 to 6 weeks after delivery for stitches to heal. If you have a caesarian delivery, please consult with your gynae before starting any post natal massage or postpartum exercise. The body is extremely sensitive and prone to infections after the C Section especially in the first 2 weeks which is not possible to be ready to have massages regularly. More time is required for body to recover before beginning the postnatal massages. All new mothers are encouraged to walk as soon as possible after the caesarian delivery as walking increases blood flow circulation which aids healing. Once you have the gynae’s approval, you will want to begin massaging your scar daily. Massage breaks down adhesions which will release the stuck tissues, restores normal tissue functioning and eliminates pain. 

What If I Do Not Take Up Any Post Natal Massage After C Section?

It is important to heal internally as well as externally. Having a healed scar does not mean you are healed internally. If your scars are not massaged properly, you may experience severe consequences such as back pain, pelvic pain, urination problem or even pregnancy difficulty in future.

Why Do I Need To Massage My C-Section Scar?

During the healing process, the tissues may overlap and start forming in an irregular fashion which could harm your uterus, bladder, colon etc. By massaging the scar gently, the tissues will be restricted to forming on your organs, keeping your internal system in order.

Which Oil is Suitable For Postnatal Massage After C-Section?

Mustard oil, sesame oil, coconut oil or any other oil is suitable based on each individual preference. You may want to check whether your baby react abnormally as it might indicate he does not like the smell on your body.

Is Post Natal Massage Suitable for Anyone?

Post natal massages are not for mummies with hernia or high blood pressure, eczema, rashes or other skin infection. Mummies are advised to avoid massages if there are any complications during delivery and the gynae does not approve it.

C-sections are either planned or due to emergency decisions. The C-section patient is more tired than a woman who had a natural delivery. The C Section patient will often experience intestinal gas pain and pain. Slow and careful movement is the best way to encourage healing, eliminate gas and stimulate peristalsis despite the pain. Regardless the reason, caesarian delivery is a major surgical operation from which post natal massage can help new mother with the recovery.