Prenatal Food Singapore

Prenatal Pregnancy Stage Diet Example of Foods Benefit Deficiency Problems
Early pregnancy (怀孕早期) Folic acid (含叶酸的食物) Vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower. Fruits such as bananas, strawberries, oranges. Meat such as animal liver and kidney. (菠菜 : 生菜、芦笋、小白菜、花椰 * 水果 : 香蕉、草莓、橙子 * 肉类 : 动物肝肾) Fetal nervous system development (胎儿的神经系统发育) Lack of folic acid during pregnancy can cause fetal neural tube defects (若怀孕时缺乏叶酸,容易造成胎儿神经管的缺陷)
Mid-pregnancyl (怀孕中期) Protein (蛋白质的食物) Bird nest soup, egg white, beans, milk, rice, pork, etc (燕窝,蛋白,豆类,牛奶,大米,猪肉等) Baby growth (良好的宝宝生长) Mother’s physical strength inadequate and baby undernutrition (妈妈体力不足及婴儿营养不良)
Late pregnancy(怀孕晚期) Well balanced nutrition (均衡的营养含有DHA,Omega) Fish, beans, etc (鱼类与大豆类) Baby’s brain development (满足宝宝大脑发育所需) Baby expression ability slower (宝宝表达能力比较慢)


Pregnant ladies should avoid eating red flowers, hawthorn, lychee and longan because these could cause miscarriage! Try eating more cabbage, spinach, leeks and vegetables instead. The most nutritious vegetables are cauliflower and pumpkin!

Most importantly, eat happily and healthily for the well being of both mother and baby. You may also like to look at confinement food recipes if you intend to DIY not to hire confinement nanny or confinement food catering after childbirth.