Terms & Conditions


  • NannySOS will be responsible for arranging and coordinating a confinement nanny for the stated period.
  • On the first day, the nanny will arrive at 12pm and on the last day, leave at 12pm.
  • In the case of no show, NannySOS will be responsible for arranging a replacement within 48 hours. If we are unable to do so, we will provide the client with a pro-rated refund.
  • NannySOS will assist in applying for the nanny’s work permit. The levy charges will be paid by the client directly to Ministry of Manpower Singapore after 28 days of confinement service.

Nanny’s Role

  • The role of the nanny is to look after the mother and her newborn. The list of nanny’s responsibilities is shown on your quotation.
  • The role of the nanny does not include looking after any other family members unless stated otherwise on quotation.
  • It is not compulsory for nanny to do handle household chores or cooking and doing the laundry for other family members. However, nanny may help out customer with ad-hoc tasks out of goodwill.

Replacement of Nanny

  • The client will be responsible for informing us should they wish to have a change in nanny.
  • NannySOS will be responsible for arranging for a replacement nanny within a 48-hour time frame after acknowledging the client’s request. Should NannySOS be unable to do so, we will provide a pro-rated refund to the client.
  • The client will only be allowed a replacement of up to one nanny. Should they feel that the standard is still not met, NannySOS reserves the right to provide a pro-rated refund.
  • NannySOS will only provide a pro-rated refund if we fail to arrange for a replacement nanny and not if the client request for an early termination.
  • All refunds will be pro-rated based upon the balance amount (excluding the initial deposit) and the number of days of work (it is considered a full work day after 12pm).


  • The price quoted to you will be the total sum you have to pay.
  • The initial deposit has to be made within 3 working days upon confirmation via PayPal, iBanking or ATM transfer.
  • If the deposit is not received within 3 working days, NannySOS reserves the right to cancel your appointment.
  • NannySOS will send an acknowledge receipt upon successfully receiving your payment.
  • The initial deposit will only be refundable if there is an uneventful miscarriage. However, there will still be an administrative charge of SGD100.
  • The balance payment has to be made in cash directly to the nanny on her last day of service.

Acknowledgement of Terms and Conditions

By using the services of NannySOS, you have read and agreed to be bound by our terms and conditions.

NannySOS will not be held responsible from claims resulting from failure to read our terms and conditions.


Confinement NannySOS Pte Ltd reserves the right to alter terms and conditions without prior notice.