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What’s Next?
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  1. We will be in touch with you soon to validate your requirements. Your booking will be confirmed as soon as the initial deposit is made.
  2. Upon receiving the initial deposit, we will proceed to make arrangements for the nanny.
  3. We will revert back to you at least a month before the EDD on the nanny taking the assignment (can be subject to last minute changes due to personal/family matters).
  4. Keep us informed when you are going into labour and when the baby is born.
  5. Once you are aware of your discharge date, kindly let us know along with the day/date you wish for the nanny to arrive.
  6. The nanny will arrive at your home around noon on the scheduled day/date.
  7. Update us 68172479 or SMS 97359376 once the nanny has arrived at your place.
  8. Remember to pass the first red packet (amount is based on your own discretion, 8 is an auspicious digit for us Chinese, so you might want to consider working the amount around it i.e. $38, $58, $88, etc.) to the nanny on the first day. This is a Chinese custom/practice for the well-being of the newborn.
  9. Within the same week of the nanny’s arrival, we will send you a softcopy of the nanny’s work permit (you can print it out and pass it to her).
  10. The nanny will proceed to assist you over the agreed period (should you require an extension, you can make a request, but it will be subject to the nanny’s availability).
  11. Parents may experience ATM withdrawal limit. Appreciate if you can facilitate the remaining payment to nanny in cash 3 days before the last day of the nanny’s service.
  12. Remember to pass the second red packet to the nanny before she leaves.
  13. The nanny will depart before 12pm noon on the last day.
  14. We will send you a feedback form via a website link to gather your feedback and experience with the nanny. We will appreciate if you could help us to fill it up.

Thank you once again for choosing NannySOS and using our services!