Day Time Confinement Nanny Singapore

NannySOS understands that some families prefer to have a certain level of privacy. This is why we also offer a day time nanny service. The main difference is that the confinement nanny will only be at your place for 9 hours (9am to 6pm). They will not be staying at your place at night. After the stipulated working hours, they will return to their own accommodation.

Who Should Use A Day Time Nanny?

  • Families who want privacy at night
  • Families without an extra room for the confinement nanny
  • Mothers who want to spend more time with their child

Roles of Day Time Nanny

  • Help out for 28 days (9am to 6pm) from the first day you are discharged
  • Prepare confinement meals (3 meals a day) to ensure mothers get the nutrients they require for a speedy recovery
  • Prepare Red Dates Longan Tea daily as it is essential during your confinement period
  • Doing the laundry
  • Feeding the baby (for mothers who choose to breastfeed, you can gather some tips from confinement nannies)
  • Showering and taking care of the baby

Cost of Day Time Nanny

Do take note that the cost of a day time nanny would be similar to a full-time confinement nanny. It will be in the range of SGD2300 to SGD2500. The price is the same due to the following reasons.

  • Nanny would be required to rent a place of their own
  • Nanny would need to factor in daily transportation costs

Hence, we seek your kind understanding on this.