4 activities with Baby in First Month

During the first month or your confinement month, your baby does not require a lot of toys to be entertained. You can simply provide things for your baby to look at and listen to, which will help his or her brain cells develop more and better connections. Here are 4 activities that you can do together with your baby.

  1. Chit Chat. Your face is one of baby’s favorite things to look at, which you should make use of it. Do position yourself face to face with baby and have a conversation. You can talk to baby about your day and what you are planning. Smile, sing, make faces to baby.
  2. Listen to Music. Play soft music while your baby lies in crib or swing. You can make use of this time to do your chores.
  3. Read A Book. Although baby is not old enough to understand or interact with a book, it is still never too late to start reading together. Your baby enjoy the rhythmic sound of your voice as you read.
  4. Get Tummy Time. Place your baby on his or her tummy for a short time when he or she is awake. This helps to encourage your baby to hold his or her head up and strengthen those neck muscles.

The best time to play with your baby is when he or she is quiet and alert. Your confinement lady can help you in this activities especially Tummy Time. But do take note tummy time should only be short duration under the supervision of adult.