confinement nanny crying baby

Crying is a baby’s way of communication. When baby cries, he or she is generally trying to tell you something. There may be times when your baby needs to cry it out, but it is best to respond to his or her cries quickly especially for newborn baby. Many parents are afraid to spoil baby by giving him or her too much attention. In fact, studies has shown that being responsive to a child’s needs might actually help him or her to cry less and to show less aggressive behavior as a toddler. Generally, the 4 main reasons why babies cry as followed.

  1. Hungry

Most newborns eat every few hours round the clock and usually wake up for feedings during the night. Quiet babies may squirm and root around or fuss gently when they are hungry. Active babies may become almost frantic when hunger strikes. They may get so worked up that they gulp air with milk during feeding time. This can cause spitting, trapped gas and more crying which some babies are very bothered by having air in their stomachs.

2. Discomfort

No one likes to feel uncomfortable, including babies. One common cause of baby discomfort is wet or soiled diaper. Another common cause of baby discomfort are tummy troubles. Gas or indigestion can cause babies to cry. If your baby fusses after being fed, he or she may be feeling some sort of tummy pain. Often, the crying will stop after a burp or passing of gas. Temperature can also be a source of discomfort which can trigger tears. Tight, binding, itchy clothes can make babies uncomfortable. Make sure the waistband around baby’s stomach is not too tight. The collar should not rub on baby’s face. When baby moves, the legs or sleeves should not pull.

3. Overstimulation

When baby is overtired or overly stimulated crying becomes a way to unwind or release their tension. Tired babies generally fuss and you may think baby needs more sleep. Newborns often sleep for 16 hours a day. Too much noise, movement or visual stimulation might drive your baby to tears. In addition, many babies have predictable periods of fussiness. They cry at certain periods of the day and often for no reasons.

4. Lonely, Boring or Fear.

Sometimes, babies cry simply because they are looking for attention. They need tender, loving care. Baby may be lonely or bored or frightened. A baby seeking tender loving care will often calm down by seeing you or hearing you, feeling your touch or to be cuddled. Babies just like to be held. They like to see, hear their parents and listen to the sound of heart beats.

Handling babies cries can be daunting especially for first time parents. Patience and love are keys to taking care baby. First time parents can also learn from confinement nanny who can help and guide you greatly in this transition period.