baby-eating-yummyDuring their first year, babies try different tastes, textures, and colors their food and develop their likes and dislikes. Most infants are willing to try almost any food during this time. Because of this, your baby’s first year is the perfect time to introduce a variety of healthy and nutritious foods. Introducing healthy foods at an early age will go a long way in establishing a lifetime of healthy eating habits.

Some baby foods have added sugar that babies don’t need. Sugar is considered a main factor in the huge increase in child and adult obesity. Added sugar can be hidden in the form of concentrated pineapple juice as an ingredient. Also, stay away from baby food labeled as “dessert”. Babies in their first year of life don’t need anything as sweet as these deserts. Your little one is much better off with an unsweetened fruit or unsweetened applesauce.

This is an important time for your baby as his lifelong food preferences are being formed. Research indicates that food preferences are usually formed in early childhood and then tend to persist. You can give your baby a big head start in healthy eating by avoiding foods that have added sugar.

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