babysitter-singapore-parent-diaper-changingThe average baby requires over two thousand diaper changes during her first year of life. Parents will be surprised at how good you will become at this skill. Don’t be amazed if you changed over five thousand diapers in the first year as parents. Babysitters definitely have learned some keys to make this dirty job easier.

First tip from babysitter to parents: make sure your diaper changing station is fully stocked with supplies. Diapers, wipes, diaper rash ointment, a small toy for baby to play with, and a diaper disposal system nearby. Next, place baby down on the changing pad and slide a clean diaper underneath your baby’s dirty diaper. Open the dirty diaper and use wipes to clean your baby’s bottom. Make sure you clean all of the folds and skin. With girls it is very important to wipe from front to back to avoid spreading fecal matter to the vaginal area. When changing a baby boy, it is a good idea to move quickly or keep his penis covered with a tissue or cloth to avoid a surprise spray.

Once the baby’s bottom is clean, the babysitter will pull the dirty diaper out and fold the diaper using the attached tape or Velcro to seal the diaper closed. Rolling the diaper tightly helps to keep the mess and smell inside. Fan the baby’s bottom with another diaper to help dry up any moisture. Then, apply diaper rash ointment if needed and fasten the new diaper. Redress the baby and return her to play or bed.

As the baby gets older, experienced nanny suggest having toys nearby will come in handy. Parents can keep special toys that you only allowed your babies to play with during diaper changes. Nanny says this help them greatly by getting the baby interested and distracted while her diapers were changed.

If the baby is being difficult or is fighting being changed, one tip from babysitter is to distract him by tickling, making a funny face or any other creative way you can find to distract his attention from the task at hand. The objective is to be quick and make it fun.

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