babysitter-singapore-baby-cryingOften your baby will cry and babysitter will know immediately exactly what is wrong. Equally often, parents will not easily recognize what the cry means. Most studies of crying demonstrate that you cannot decipher a baby’s message based on the sound of her cry. Studies using both mothers and experienced neonatal nurses show that neither group can accurately identify more than fifty percent of the time, based only on listening to a baby’s cry, why the baby is crying.

So, you shouldn’t feel like you are not a good parent if you cannot decipher your baby’s cry every time. Instead, babysitters would do a quick assessment. Is she wet? Is her diaper on too tight? Does she suck on your finger when you put it in her mouth indicating that she is hungry? Did she stop crying when you picked her up? Best advice from experienced babysitter is to pay close attention to your baby and her schedule to get a feel for what she typically needs at different times of the day. By quickly discovering your child’s needs, you can help her to relax by effectively meeting her needs.

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