babysitter-singapore-dressing-babyThe outfits for newborn babies are so cute! But save your money until your baby is at least two months old. Your newborn will spend most of her time in onesies and pajamas. Newborn babies sleep, eat, spit-up and dirty diapers frequently. These messy activities call for comfortable and easily washable clothing. Babysitter recommend parents to buy several one-piece pajamas with footies or gown-type pajamas with elastic around the bottom. Pajamas that snap closed are more convenient than pajamas that zip all the way up. Zippered one-piece outfits have to be unzipped entirely for diaper changing, leaving a baby uncovered and cold. Some nannies like gowns for quick and easy middle-of-the-night diaper changes.

Once your baby is two months old and spending more time awake, dressing your baby can become a fun morning activity that signals to her that the day is beginning. NannySOS suggest buying comfortable, soft clothes that are non-binding and loose-fitting, allowing room to grow.