babysitter-singapore-diaper-rashesMost babies will endure diaper rash several times in their first year as experienced by most babysitters. Yet here is good news: diaper rashes are avoidable and easily treated. Diaper rash, more common in babies who wear cloth diapers, is caused by moisture in contact with your baby’s skin. Babysitter will always prevent diaper rash by cleaning the baby’s bottom thoroughly and changing his diapers before they get too wet.

Our babysitter recommend changing your baby’s diaper after each feeding. This ensures at least eight changes a day in the early weeks, when your baby’s skin is particularly sensitive. If your baby develops a rash then treat it immediately. Most diaper rash ointments that contain zinc oxide will work well. You may be surprised by how quickly your baby can heal.

A baby who has diarrhea or is on antibiotics may contract a more challenging diaper rash or an external yeast infection. Pediatrician recommends treating diaper rashes associated with diarrhea by applying a 50/50 mixture of Maalox liquid and Aquaphor. The Maalox helps to neutralize the acidity of the diarrhea while the Aquaphor protects the skin. What some of the babysitters do when experiencing diaper rash is that, they would mix up a batch of Maalox and Aquaphor and keep it at their diaper changing station. It is much easier to mix these ingredients if you heat them for about six seconds in a microwave oven at 50 percent power. Make sure the mixture cools before using it on your baby.

If a rash lasts more than one or two days and resists regular diaper ointment, then it is likely caused by a yeast infection. A yeast infection rash has small white rings or small blister-like pustules. This type of rash can be effectively treated with over the counter anti-fungal medicines such as Lotrimin AF. After applying the anti-fungal medicine, you should see improvement within twenty-four hours of treatment. Always check with your doctor if your baby’s rash persists for more than a few days or if it is not responsive to home treatment.

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