babysitter-singapore-crying-babyBabies usually cry because they need something. Babysitters will normally find out if the crying is due to hungry, wet, or wanting attention. However, at times, babies cry simply to soothe themselves. Sometimes a baby becomes over-stimulated by the day’s activities and will need to cry to release the stress.

If your baby is crying, babysitter will always do a quick check:

  • Is she dry?
  • Is it close to time to eat?
  • Is her outfit or diaper binding her?
  • Is she happy when being held or getting attention?

If these checks don’t halt your baby’s crying, then most likely your baby may be crying to release stress. Of course, a baby’s crying will create stress for you as the parent as well as to the babysitter. Determining why your baby is crying, before deciding how to help her, can go a long way in preventing frustration for you and your child.

If your baby is crying to release stress, the best response may be to hold her and let her cry it out, according to developmental psychologist. Crying often is a way of an important stress-release mechanism for all people of any ages. That includes babies. When baby starts to cry and does not want to eat her meal, most likely she is expressing her nature need of crying. Perhaps your daughter or son is trying to release the stress from daily frustrations.

This type of crying is particularly common in the early evening. However, if the babysitter alert you that your baby continues to cry for more than 20 or 30 minutes at a time, you should seek for doctor’s advice as it may be due to colic.