couples-holding-hands-babysitter-look-after-childKeep your marriage and partner a top priority during your baby’s first year of life. For new parents this can be difficult without babysitters or nannies. It is easy to become so caught up in taking care of the new baby that you don’t spend time keeping your relationship strong. By making your partner a priority, you are building a stronger family for your child. By making central the relationship with your spouse, you provide an excellent role model of what a loving relationship should be.

Someday your child will leave your home, and if she has always been the center of the universe at home, it will be difficult for her to adjust. Similarly, if you and your spouse put all of your energy into raising your children, you may find yourselves lost when it comes to resuming your role as a married couple alone at night again.

Relationship experts recommend setting a date night at least once a month. Arrange for a trusted relative or babysitter to watch your little one and go have dinner together. Employment agency providing babysitting services can recommend a good babysitter for you. If money is an issue, do something inexpensive, but do it together. The point here is to spend time together as a couple. As your baby gets a little older, consider making your date night an every week or every other week affair. While the first time out without baby was difficult, you will quickly learned to treasure your time together. Do schedule a date night at least every other week and look forward to your time together.