Infants naturally need to be shown affection. With gently strokes, the mother will be able to stimulate the enthusiasm of the fetal activity to promote the coordination and development of the brain function of the baby. Every night before going to sleep and before emptying the bladder, pregnant women should lay in bed and relax their abdomen. They should gently stroked the fetus for between five to ten minutes. It should be noted that the hand motion should be gentle and not rough.

After the 24th week of pregnancy, pregnant women can touch the head, back, and limbs of the fetus. By lying in bed and relaxing the abdomen, the fetus will naturally be able to exercise. This repeated exercise will allow the fetus to establish a conditioned reflex and enhance the strength of the limb muscles. Through this exercises, looking up, standing up, sitting, crawling, walking and other movements will become easier when the child is born. Do remember that if you feel any uneasy kicking, then you should stop the action immediately to avoid accidents from occurring.

On the 20th week of pregnancy, the fetal auditory function has been fully established. The mother’s voice can not only be passed to the fetus, but it can also have some impact on the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women should pay special attention to their tone of voice and wordings used in order to be a good stimulus. Parents tend to have nicknames whenever they address their fetus. So, when the baby is born, calling out these nicknames would ensure that the baby doesn’t feel like a stranger to the new environment outside the womb. The baby will have a sense of security and quickly quiet down once these nicknames are being mentioned. At the same time, parents should treat the fetus as a sensible child by talking to him or singing songs to him. This will not only enhance feelings between husband and wife, but the love of parents will also be passed to the fetus, which will aid in the benefits of the emotional development of the fetus. The content of the dialogue should not be too complicated. By repeating a sentence or two, the baby will grow and develop a profound memory.

Fetal visual develops slower as compared to other sensory function. On the 27th week of pregnancy, the fetal brain starts to perceive the visual stimuli of the outside world. Before the 30th week, the fetus is still unable to gaze at the light source. It is only in the 36th week that the fetus response to light stimulus. Hence, starting from the 24th week, use a flashlight as a form of light source for the fetus. On it for approximately 5 minutes each time to facilitate visual health and development of the fetus. This method helps in the intellectual development of the infant after birth.

Sound waves helps to stimulate the fetal auditory organ nerve function. It can be implemented from the 16th week of pregnancy, once or twice daily for 15 to 20 minutes each session. It is usually more appropriate to practice at night before going to sleep by direct playback through tape recorders of about 1 m away, where the sound intensity is between 65 db to 70 db degrees. Prenatal rhythm of the music should be gentle and smooth, without any lyrics.

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