baby-pacifier-habit-babysitter-tipsBabies have an inborn desire to suck. While feeding fulfills a big part of his desire, non-nutritive sucking is also important. Sucking is one of the primary ways that babies calm themselves. Pacifiers can help with this need. Unfortunately, the pacifier can easily become an attachment object that can be difficult for your baby to give up.

Expert recommend eliminating use of pacifiers when your baby is nine or ten months old. To help you and your baby break the pacifier habit, you can follow the following step-by-step tips from the babysitter.

First, because most babies have a need for an attachment object, make sure that your baby has a stuffed toy or special blanket available to use as his new attachment object.

Second, explain to him that you are going to stop giving him a pacifier.

Third, begin limiting the amount of time that your baby is allowed to have a pacifier. If he is allowed to have it during naps or at night, start by eliminating its use at these times. This may lead to some additional crying at first, but should resolve itself within two or three days.

Finally, stop allowing him a pacifier at all. You may be surprised how easily he gets over not having his pacifier available.

Once you have eliminated his use of the pacifier, then it is important to search out each and every pacifier in your home or car and either throw them out or ensure that they are out of your baby’s reach and sight. Nothing is more frustrating than having your baby weaned from his pacifier only to find him with a pacifier in his mouth that he found under the bed!

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