Breastfeeding Benefits for Mothers Newborn BabyBenefits of breastfeeding newborn baby for mothers is more than just nourishment. It is a time of cuddling and closeness that helps build the connection between mothers and babies. Mothers should make every feeding a time to bond with your baby and cherish this time before your baby is old enough to start feeding himself or herself. Newborns may not eat a lot, but they eat often. In the first few weeks with your new son or daughter, your life will revolve around satisfying his or her hunger. Just when you think you have a moment to relax or perhaps get some laundry done, your baby wants to eat again. For every new parent especially, early days with a newborn baby are often demanding and exhausting. Both mother and baby are adapting to a new reality which takes time.

confinement nanny feng with newborn babyIf you are hiring confinement nanny for your postpartum, she is usually pro-breastfeeding. During the night time feeding, your confinement nanny would be able to wake you up for feeding. For breastfeeding benefits for baby, you can check out our other article as well. 5 top breastfeeding benefits for mothers include:

Faster Recovery from Childbirth.

The baby’s suckling riggers your body to release oxytocin, which is a hormone that causes your uterus to contract. This means that the uterus returns to its pre-pregnancy size more quickly after delivery than it does with formula milk.

Suppresses Ovulation.

Breastfeeding delays the return of ovulation and therefore the mother’s period, which may help extend the time between pregnancies. However, breastfeeding is not a guarantee against pregnancy. You can still become pregnant while breastfeeding.

Possible Long Term Health Benefits.

Breastfeeding may reduce your risk of getting breast cancer before menopause. Breastfeeding also appears to provide some protection from uterine and ovarian cancers.


Many mothers find breastfeeding to be more convenient than bottle feeding. It can be done anywhere, at any time, whenever your baby shows signs of hunger. In addition, no equipment is necessary. Breast milk is always available and at perfect temperature. As there is no need to prepare a bottle and you can nurse lying down, night time feedings may become easier.

Cost Savings.

Breastfeeding can save money because you don’t need to buy formula and bottles. However, breastfeeding can also present some challenges and inconveniences.