Breastfeeding DisadvantagesAre there any disadvantages of breastfeeding since we have heard of numerous advantages of breastfeeding? Yes certainly. Breastfeeding can present some challenges and inconveniences. Drawbacks to breastfeeding for some parents include the following list:

1. Exclusive Feeding by Mom.

In the early weeks, parenting can be physically demanding. At first, newborns nurse every two to three hours, day and night. That can be tiring for mom and day may feel left out. Eventually, the mother can express milk with a breast pump, which will enable your partner or confinement lady to take over some feedings. It may take about a month before your milk production is well established so that mom can use a pump to express and collect breast milk.

2. Restrictions for Mom.

Women who are breastfeeding generally should avoid alcohol. However, it may be OK to have a minimal amount occasionally. Alcohol can pass through breast milk to the baby.

3. Sore Nipples.

Some women may experience sore nipples and at times, breast infections. These can often be avoided with proper positioning and technique. A lactation consultant or your care provider can advise you on proper positioning.

4. Other Physical Side Effects.

When mother is lactating, her body’s hormones may keep the vagina relatively dry. Using a water-based lubricating jelly can help treat this problem. It may also take time for the menstrual cycle to once again establish a regular pattern.