pregnant woman computer usage

Is it acceptable to use the computer during pregnancy? This is a very common question that most newly expectant mothers have in mind. This is because the computer has become part of our daily lives, which assists us in doing our daily work. This article will help in clarifying the matter. Hopefully, it will provide a better understanding to expectant mothers and remove any doubts in their head.

According to Professor Li Zhu, an expert from the Institute of Reproductive Health in Peking University, computer usage will not harm the baby during pregnancy. Since 1991, the institute has been tracking 20 million cases, from expectant mothers all the way to 7-year-old children in the country. They have been keeping a lookout for any birth defects, determining factors that cause the defects and coming up with preventive measures. So far experts have yet to find any adverse impacts on the baby’s development when there is computer usage.

Here are some information from the experience of others.

User Recommendation 1: Although, the people around me and myself continue using the computer throughout the pregnancy period, the baby is still very healthy. Initially, we were concern about the radiation from computers. However, we decided not to worry too much as there are so many other things surrounding us that emits radiation. Nonetheless, it is important to pay attention to proper rest.

User Recommendation 2: Radiation is not very serious. However, sitting in front of the computer screen for long hours is never good, especially for the eyes. Hence, it would be recommended to get off the chair and walk for 10 to 15 minutes if you have been facing the computer for an extended amount of time.

For the benefit of the fetus and yourself,  learn more information about the precautions to take during pregnancy.

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