confinement food brown riceBrown rice (糙米) is another type of rice that confinement food catering services would offer besides five grain rice or plain white rice. Unlike white rice, brown rice is whole grain rice where its hull is removed only, keeping the bran and germ. Being wholesome, brown rice has a different nutritional content compared to white rice. Vitamins, minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, manganese are not lost due to the polishing process.


Brown rice improves immune system, blood circulation and prevents cardiovascular diseases, anemia and constipation. It is rich in selenium which reduces risk of cancer, heart diseases. The manganese benefits nerves and reproductive systems. Being high in fiber content enables better bowel movement and easier digestion. Suitable for people of all ages especially those suffering from obesity, gastrointestinal dysfunction, anemia, constipation and women in post natal confinement.