Confinement food five grains riceFive grains rice (五谷米) is a combination with 5 premium grains or cereals, traditionally dated back to Shennong Ben Cao Jing. The classification of the type of five grains has varied over time. You may find a recipe with rice, sorghum bicolor rice, brown rice, buckwheat and wheat while another recipe consists of rice, corn, wheat, beans and millet. Rice is usually paddy rice, brown rice and corn as yellow rice while wheat refers to barley, buckwheat and oats. Bean refers to red beans, soybeans.


Five grains rice is rich in minerals and provides comprehensive nutrients such as starch, protein, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, fibre. The superfood is beneficial to health and helps to nourish spleen and stomach. Usually found in most confinement food menu. Highly recommended for health conscious people and women in confinement months.