confinement food ingredientsAmong the confinement food ingredients, the 3 most important commonly used ingredients for cooking meals are sesame oil, old ginger and rice wine. For mum’s best of health benefits, confinement nannies and confinement catering would prepare and cook the food with these 3 ingredients. Salt and MSG are a definite no. Other super foods beneficial for after childbirth are fish, salmon, chicken, pork, egg, pig’s trotter etc.
Confinement Ingredients Sesame OilSesame Oil.

Sesame oil helps to warm the body, nourish organs, tonify deficiencies, prevent vascular sclerosis, improve postpartum health and aid uterine contraction. Black sesame oil is known for preventing constipation. However, it is to be used sparingly if mum has a heaty body constitution.

Confinement Food Ingredient Old GingerOld Ginger.

Skin of old ginger has diuretic properties and can relieve swelling and prevent constipation. Therefore, the skin is not removed when cooking with old ginger. To help promote sweating and warming the womb, old ginger that has been fried in black sesame oil is often used.

Confinement Ingredients Rice WineRice Wine.

Rice wine can invigorate blood, promote blood circulation and aid in discharge of lochia. It is important to cook away the alcohol in the rice wine before serving the dishes as alcohol can affect the uterus contraction. This can cause a heavy flow of lochia and has a detrimental effect on baby’s well being.

The key to a successful confinement recovery is to eat a balanced diet with appropriate herbs and tonics. Too much oil food will cause digestion problem. Over consumption of tonics is harmful to body which may cause weight problem as well.