Confinement Herbs Dang Shen

Dang Shen (党参), also known as Codonopsis, is a TCM herb for confinement which nourishes blood, reinforces Qi and helps to replenish the vital energy. Codonopsis promotes secretion of body fluid, strengthens the spleen and stomach. It is also effective in boosting energy and treatment of fatigue.

Dang Shen is usually used to replace Ginseng as their benefits are similar. However, the effect is different and is less potent than Ginseng. When Dang Shen or Codonopsis is used to replace Ginseng, more quantity is required. Woman in post natal confinement period need not worry about the amount as the Chinese herbs are pre packed. Simply follow the cooking instruction specified in the confinement herbal package that you bought. For more info on how to purchase, please refer to our article post on confinement herbal package singapore.