Confinement Lady During Chinese New YearFinding a good confinement lady during Chinese New Year can be extremely challenging. Perhaps it is better not to engage confinement lady services? Imagine you are unable to take a bath, brush your teeth, go out visit friends and relatives during Chinese New Year (CNY). Are these facts or are they myths? No worries. Your doctor and experienced confinement lady will be able to advise you what are the confinement do and don’t. However, demand for the nanny usually is higher than the supply during the festive season. You may not be able to order confinement food from the caterers as well. As the confinement ladies most probably are from Malaysia, transportation can be a big problem as the traffic congestion at the custom will be unusually high. Not to mention the confinement nannies, doctors, nurses, most of the Chinese drivers will not be working as well to celebrate this once a year occasion. Having reunion dinner with their families, visiting friends and relatives are something not to be missed during CNY.

Confinement Nanny Rates

Confinement nanny rates will be higher than usual price as a result. Friends have told us freelance confinement nanny are charging them for a fee of $4200 during CNY 2017. You won’t be surprised hearing that the cost of hiring confinement lady during Chinese New Year can be that high or even doubled. It is a time when everything goes up in price due to scarcity. You will expect most business owners will be resting during this period such as the market stall owners, traditional chinese medicine clinics (TCM). Probably the nanny will have to travel further than usual to buy groceries and herbs for mum. Not to forget, if the nannies are from Malaysia, there is a probability that they are not familiar with the places in Singapore. Due to all these foreseen challenges and headaches, most of the nannies will only want to leave their family to work in Singapore when the price is right. If you are employing day time confinement nanny on your own, you have to factor in the increase in room rental fees as well unless she has relatives or friends who have extra room for her to stay. As her employer, you are liable for the well being of the nanny. You are required to apply work permit for confinement nanny due to MOM regulation. Levy fees of $60 or $265 is applicable for full time or part time confinement nanny. Otherwise, engaging a MOM-licensed confinement lady agency will be a good choice to solve your problems.

Hiring Confinement Lady Tips

Are you searching through confinement nanny forum where you hope to find contacts and good confinement lady recommendation? Chances are, you will find a lot of help where you can get good confinement lady services. However, there are also stories where some managed to hire “good confinement lady”, highly recommended in the forum but turn out not to your expectation. Social media are free publicity and easily accessible by anyone. You need to do your own diligence if you are hiring a confinement lady without an agency. Some tips of hiring a good confinement lady:

  • Start your search and booking at least 6 months in advance of your Expected Date of Delivery (EDD).
  • Ask friends or relatives who have personally engage the services for recommendations.
  • Blacklist the names and phone numbers that you can find in the forums. However, this does not mean they will not introduce themselves to you with a different name and number.
  • Talk to the nannies, test their knowledge and experience on how they take care of mother and baby.
  • Does she sound pushy? Impatient? Threatening?
  • Is her price reasonable compared to hiring from confinement agency?
  • Is high price equates to quality? Does low price equates to getting someone with no experience?

Beware of whom you trust with your deposits. Prepaid cards are easily available. Some may turn out to be uncontactable after receiving the deposit. Imagine if you have booked her service 6 months in advance. You will panic, confuse, disappointed only to find you are unable to get any confinement lady available last minute. It’s not your fault but it does happen. You have to also take into consideration she might be unsuitable for your family or she have to return to Malaysia due to unforeseen circumstances. Who is responsible for replacement? That is why Ministry of Manpower (MOM) require all confinement nanny agencies KAH and agents to take CEI exams, attend courses and get certification. It is an offence to hire confinement ladies through unlicensed agent regardless paid or unpaid. The penalty is a fine not exceeding $5,000. Confinement nanny agencies will be able to help with the confinement nanny work permit application and extension as well. Therefore, we would strongly encourage you to find yourself a reliable MOM-certified confinement nanny agency even if you are not using the services from NannySOS.