Confinement Lady Zhen with BabyConfinement lady Auntie Zhen’s Reviews:

It was our first time engaging nannysos. We were assigned Auntie Zhen as our confinement lady. She is a true expert when it comes to taking care of newborn and we learnt so much from her. We felt very safe and satisfied having her care for our newborn, on top of that we learnt so much from her to take care of our daughter. She will cook delicious meals for me and my husband, and even offers to take care of my laundry for me. 

Overall we felt blessed having her. We will miss her very much when our confinement period ends.

Culinary Skill: Very Good.
Communication Skill: Very Good.
Baby Care Skill: Very Good.
Mummy Care Skill: Very Good.
Cleanliness: Very Good.
Friendliness: Very Good.