Confinement Lady Review for Samantha:

Overall Samantha has been superb with all aspects of baby handling and caring, meals preparation and day to day household chores. She is very dedicated and can see all the extra efforts put into every tasks assigned, for example:
– practicing good hygiene when caring for the baby
– ensuring a great variety of meals for us so that we would not get bored with the food;
– continue to wow us with excellent skill in dish presentation;
– bringing her own ingredients (chia seeds, quinoa etc) out of own expenses;
– taking care of the meals of my elder kid, special shout-out to bringing tools like cute utensils and cookie cutter to make simple meals look enticing;
– went over and above contractual obligation on household chores, helping us with full cleaning of the house when my husband and I fell sick.
We’re greatly appreciative of Samantha’s stay and would strongly recommend her to any mummies to be.

Confinement lady review from Ruiqi