confinement nanny Singapore Chan YFConfinement nanny Chan provides assurance to parents with her over 10 years newborn care experience in Singapore. She provides attentive and gentle care to baby, allowing mums to have a good rest and recovery. Confinement nanny Chan is from Malaysia but is willing to travel to work in Singapore, Dubai, Australia such as Melbourne, Sydney and other countries. Besides baby’s feedings and nappy changes, she will also share her knowledge for newborn care so you will know what to do after she leaves.

Are you looking for experienced, accommodating confinement nanny to recommend? We will follow up with confinement nanny cost and work scope via or call. Before you leave, do check out the video, review and recommendation for confinement nanny Chan. However, do not watch the video when you are hungry! 😉

Confinement food by nanny Chan in Singapore

Confinement Meals by Nanny Chan in Singapore