Confinement Nanny Review For Candy:

We were blessed to have Aunty Candy from NannySOS help us through my confinement for my second born. With a rowdy toddler, it’s really hard to rest and recover after delivery, but Aunty Candy took great care of me with her calm and steady ways.
She accommodated our preferences in terms of childcare and food, and always radiated positivity. She also readily shared her childcare experience and tips with us. Most importantly she cared for my baby so well and I can fully trust her and take time for myself to rest.
When it comes to food, her meals are amazing – it’s like restaurant dining every day, with no repeated dishes throughout 28 days (even though I’d love to have more of some of my favourite foods again).
It was also very smooth and fuss-free working with NannySOS – responds personally and promptly to our queries and updates so everything was easy.
Thank you Aunty Candy and NannySOS for the great care you have given us!

Confinement Nanny Review By Angela