Confinement Nanny Review For Angel:

I would like to share my recent experience in engaging Confinement Nannysos, Aunty Angel as my confinement nanny. I specially requested for Aunty Angel, as she was recommended by my friend. She show professionalism and care in taking care of me and baby. I could totally put my mind at ease and leave it to her to take care baby while I rest.
She also will take the initiative to help me teach my helper in cooking and doing house chores (as my helper is new here) Her cooking skills is superb good that even my friends are jealous when I sent them the food photos. I would highly recommend those who r looking for confinement nanny to look for Aunty Angel as it’s really important to find a nanny that can help u during the confinement period as mummy will need lots of rest, eating the correct food to nourish our body and entrusting someone to take care our newborn

confinement nanny review by Angelyn