Confinement Nanny Review For Kwan Fong:

We are very blessed to have Kwan Fong Jie as our confinement nanny to take care of our first newborn during this period, allowing us to have a peace of mind and ample time to rest and recharge. She has been of great help in taking care of our baby, always ensuring he is feeding and pooping well each day due to his jaundice which had persisted quite awhile. As first time parents, she was very patient in guiding us how to handle our little one correctly etc. showing us over and over again the proper techniques to bathe our baby till we get it right.
Besides taking good care of the baby, she also makes sure I eat well and get sufficient nutrients intake by preparing delicious food to my liking. She would always clean up the kitchen after every meal and goes the extra mile to help us with our laundry and cleaning of the floor.
Overall, we are very grateful for her service and dedication in providing us her best. Thank you Fong Jie!

Confinement Nanny Review By Anna