Confinement Nanny Review Recommendation for Lilian:

Thank you to Aunty Lilian, who took such good care of baby and me during my confinement period.
Aunty Lilian gave advice on how to reduce post-partum water retention and boost BM supply. I have nutritious & delicious dishes at every meal, sufficient red date tea to drink daily, and she always reminded me to get more rest.
Aunty Lilian is very gentle with baby. My baby was always very sleepy as he had jaundice, and we very much appreciate Aunty Lilian’s efforts to ensure baby does not oversleep and has his regular milk feeds. Under her care, we are all happy to see my baby gaining weight nicely.
With Aunty Lilian around, I was able to fully rest and recover. Thank you so much!
Confinement Nanny Review by Charissa Ng