Confinement Nanny Review For May Tan:

Thank you to Aunty May ( Tan Ah Choy) for being the most responsible and amazing confinement nanny. We had a awesome experience with her And we are so lucky to have Aunty May as this is our first time engaging a confinement nanny. Aunty May is a very good cook. She cook so many varieties of food. You will never get bored eating the same food. And it boost my milk supply too, Now my freezer is full of BM.
She will clean and mop the kitchen after every use. She is very kind and not calculative person, she help me to vacuum and mop the house daily. She even help to wash my husband, 2 kids clothes and even fold the clothes nicely even though its not part of her job scope. She is very professional and hygienic person. She take great care of our Baby. She is able to handle night duties well. So I don’t have to worry and I can sleep well at night. Our baby is exclusively fed pump breastmilk. She also write down records of feeding time, the milk volume and diaper change. She wash our Baby butt after every poop. Which I am impressed.
Overall I had a great experience with aunty May and I seriously recommend her service to all the mummies out there.

Confinement nanny Review by Elly