Confinement Nanny Review By Esther Chong Confinement nanny Review for Xiaoling aka Siew Ling:

We couldn’t be more grateful to have xiaoling with us during this confinement period. Xiaoling always respect the way that we wanted our baby to be taken care of, while giving thoughtful tips and guidance along the way. She is a wonderful cook, whipping up varieties and catering to our tastes. She is also an easygoing & loving person. Most importantly, she cares alot for our baby, and it is very assuring to leave our baby in her hand round the clock! We’ll definitely miss her!


Culinary Skill: Very Good.
Communication Skill: Good.
Baby Care Skill: Very Good.
Mummy Care Skill: Good.
Cleanliness: Very Good.
Friendliness: Very Good