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I am glad I chose Nanny SOS. Juztin is patient and prompt in his replies. I am glad to have Angel as my confinement nanny. She is definitely a 6-stars nanny. She is always full of energy and has a lot of initiative. She loves baby and takes very good care of them like they are her own. She ensures that both mummy and baby are well taken care of.

She is experienced and knowledgeable in handling babies. She also has years of nanny experience overseas. She always share her vast knowledge with me, reassuring me when I was too worried. To provide me with more knowledge on certain matters, Angle would take the initiative to contact her mentor and then share the information with me. As a first time mummy, I was very concerned about baby vomiting and hiccupping. She would send me articles to further ensure me that these are normal and what are the tell-tale signs to look out for in serious cases. She always knows when my baby girl fusses and is gentle with her. Angel always sings and talks to her. Angel will do scheduled feeding, waking up every 3 hours to feed her. She does not do it in a rush, nor tries to feed the baby more so that she does not have to wake up to feed. She is alert as during the night, whenever there is sudden movement from the baby, she will wake up to check on the baby. Also, upon seeing that my girl’s mittens and booties are loose, she sew them.

She is pro-breastfeeding. My girl makes a fuss whenever she latches. Latching is challenging but Angel is very encouraging. She will always bring my girl to me and ask me to try to latch her. She was by my side, advising me on the different positions to latch my girl.

When she heard that I am engorged, she took the initiative to help me massage to clear my engorgement. She would boil the hot water and make several trips to make sure the towel is hot enough to help me with the massage. It was a tedious procedure but Angle did not mind as long as it helped me. In addition, she also gave me a head massage to help me relax. She did not have to do this but she did it for the welfare of the mummy. I wanted to pay her for the service like I did for the post-natal massage but Angle said that this is her responsibility towards the mummy. When going to the clinic, she would also remind us on the dos and don’t’s to ensure the safety of my girl.

Angel believes that in order for baby to develop well, the mummy has to be well taken care of too. She looks into my diet, helping to boost my milk supply and make sure I have enough rest. She is a good cook. I never have to worry about what to eat. She has a wide range of recipe, including vegetarian meals. I really enjoyed her cooking.

I am a clean freak and I am glad that Angel shares the same expectations as me. After cooking, she would wipe the stove clean and mop the floor. There is no oil or grease left behind after cooking. I was actually worried that I have to clean up after that but I never have to do that. Angel really ensures that the living environment is clean for baby’s development as my girl is still building up her immunity. She would take the initiative to clean the whole house. For baby’s room, she would take the extra step to clean by using a cloth to wipe the floor instead of using the mop. She also helped to wash the toilet.

When handling the milk bottles, she ensures that she washes her hand first. She is also well versed in the maintenance of the baby’s items.
In these 28 days, to ensure that I learn the ropes of being a mummy, Angel taught me as she goes along, with detailed instructions and explanations.

Angel has the passion, patience, kindness, compassion and values that put her in good stead as a nanny. I believed these factors are what a mummy would want to have in a nanny whom we can safely leave our little one in her care with great love. With Angel around, a first time mummy really can put her heart and mind at ease. I highly recommend NannySOS and Angel as a confinement nanny and/or baby sitter to all mummies and daddies

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