Confinement Nanny Review for Samantha Lin Lin:

Would strongly recommend the Confinement Nanny service by NannySOS and I was glad to have Confinement Nanny – Samantha, who was assigned to me for my first two weeks of confinement.
She took very good care of me and baby and cooks very well. I wasn’t expecting confinement meals to taste so good and have so much variety as I did not enjoy my meals that much during my previous confinement.
When baby had high jaundice level during the first week, Samantha was also very knowledgeable and and could advise what food to avoid and what I should eat more so as to bring down baby’s jaundice level.
She is also very experienced in taking care of newborn and she attends to baby’s needs promptly. She always ensures that both baby and mummy are happy, comfortable and well taken care of.
Thank you NannySOS and Samantha for the great service provided which made my confinement period much more enjoyable and stress free.

Confinement Nanny Review By Jennifer Ong