Confinement Nanny Review for May:

My husband and I had a great experience and would highly recommend NannySOS. Juztin is very responsive, professional, and precise in his communication and guidance.

Nanny May is very experienced, knowledgeable, and kind. She was easy to talk to and trust with taking care of my little one. May was very diligent about delivering on the daily herbal treatments and date water. Her approach and training is based on traditional Chinese confinement, but she was open to adapting to our culturally blended preferences. As a first-time mommy recovering from a C-section, it was important to me to be able to experiment and experience different feeding/sleeping approaches to learn what works best for me and my baby — May honored that.

We are grateful for the additional sleep and tasty food (and not having to worry about preparation and cleaning) during this transitional time in our lives. Thank you, Nanny May and NannySOS!

Confinement Nanny Review By Jennifer Cheng