Confinement Nanny Review by Jie Yin Wp
Confinement Nanny Review for Candy:
The Covid pandemic made engaging CN extremely challenging. But Juztin made the entire process extremely smooth, always answering our queries promptly and patiently.
Auntie Candy was assigned to us to care for our 1st born and myself. She understood our decision to bottle-feed so that I have more rest to recover and was always encouraging when I wished to latch my baby. She never once complain or feedback on how tiring it was to care for a newborn and a painful mommy 24/7. And her cooking was fantastic! There was rarely a repeated dish and we found ourselves looking forward to meal times! Auntie Candy was like a mother to us, chit chatting, sharing baby caring tips and life lessons with us late into the nights even after baby has fallen asleep. She also guided my new helper on caring for the baby and our lifestyle habits, allowing my helper to transit into my household smoothly.
All in all, Auntie Candy is a gem to have! We even extended her service for an additional month so we get to enjoy more milk-boosting meals and a month’s of uninterrupted sleep!
Confinement nanny review by Jie Yin