Confinement Nanny Review for Angel:
I am so glad to have found Angel as our confinement nanny. She made the whole confinement process comfortable, allowing me to get much needed rest to speed up my recovery while always taking the utmost care for our daughter.
From the get go, when Angel nanny arrived, she helped to quickly do a stock take of our kitchen and advise us on what are the food we can eat and food to avoid. I must commend that Angel nanny has a wide array of recipes, as we hardly ate any repeated meals, except for ones that we requested because they were just too yummy. Angel nanny has a preference to cook a 1 dish meal for lunch, and only cook 3 dish with soup for dinner. Personally, we were happy with this arrangement as we felt it gave her more time to look after the baby and settle the baby laundry. She is very open to adjustments, as midway through, we requested for an additional dish for lunch which she obliged without any complains. She also kept our kitchen and house very neat and clean. She will clean and mop the kitchen, living and dining area after each meal.
When it came to taking care of the baby, i cannot be more thankful that we had Angel as our Nanny. She is very skilled in taking care of the baby, reading her cues well and always explaining how and why she handles the baby in a certain way. She gave us recommendations and shared her experiences but never pushed us to make a decision. She is also pro-breastfeeding and even helped me with a lactation massage when I had clogged ducts.
Overall, we are very pleased with Nanny Angel. She cares for us and baby as if we are family. Thank you Nanny Angel for your help!

Confinement Nanny Review By Joann